TOP SECRET: New ZK Privacy Protocol Workshop

Hi all,

This is my first post and it’s going to be a DOOZY.

We are looking for very experienced developers in the ZK space to help with our structure and programing model for our new ZK Privacy Protocol.

Our team of 25+ developers and engineering architects have been working on this for the past 2 years and now ready to show it to outsiders.

We’d like to personally invite a dozen or so developers who have experience in the ZK space to a one day workshop. We will be doing a small lab testing along with outlining our model and language.

You’ll get to play and learn about this new protocol and be an integral part in shaping it before we go live.

You’ll get to play in the sandbox, ask questions and provide feedback to our CTO, developers, architects, and product managers.

Because of the sensitivity of the information we are going to be sharing - along with the timeframe - we can only invite a dozen outsiders to this event.

If you’d like more information, know anyone who would be interested, or would like to apply for consideration in attending. Please reach out to me directly or reply to this post.

Some details:

  1. You must have experience in ZK (we will be hosting a 2nd workshop in February for those who have interest but no experience)
  2. Your flights, room, and food will be paid for by us. (we have a budget for you and anyone who is attending)
  3. The event will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland
  4. The workshop will take place on November 19th (fly in on November 18th)

Looking forward to speaking with all of you!